About us

We represent the reality of what is possible and achievable whether you are an elite athlete or a wellness enthusiast wanting to excel and step up your fitness game at any age. We believe there is no expert resource specifically tailored to and focused on the 40+ athlete. We aim to be just that-your one stop shop for information, research and coaching regarding training, nutrition, mindset and consumables.

Our Mission is to inform, guide, educate, and keep on top of the latest medical, nutritional and physical trends that affect us. We are real people with real stories who can motivate and keep you accountable to be the best you can be regardless of your age and where you are in your fitness/wellness journey.

As individuals we are passionate about our sports and the lifestyles we lead to be competitive in our fields; we have families, careers and hobbies. As Team Aging Evolution we gather and share our collective knowledge and combined years of life experience; we provide customized training and nutritional programs for the motivated beginner, fitness enthusiast to the elite master’s competitor. Everything from our clothing line to our supplements, training and nutritional programs is crafted for the Ageless 40+ athlete in you.